In the words of Monty Python, “We’re not dead yet.” After a longer than desired hiatus for personal, professional, and Pandemic reasons; the BCPA is ready to inform on Paramedicine as a regulated healthcare profession. I would like to personally thank each of you who continued to support the movement during this perceived lull in activity as we worked feverishly behind the scenes in many important areas. The road is long, but we will endure.

The work continues in seeking educational and regulatory reform. This can only occur via direct engagement of the membership. Specific to the subject of regulatory reform, BCPA has been invited to participate in an information session regarding the Ministry of Health steering committee “Recommendations to modernize the provincial health profession regulatory framework.” As this is clearly an opportunity to have our voices heard, it’s all the more important we seek to meet the membership’s needs and expectations.

What does the membership want to know about forthcoming changes to health practitioner regulation? How do paramedics see themselves fitting into regulatory changes? What does the membership envision as ideal health practitioner regulation and how does that align with the needs of the public? I implore every Paramedic reading to contemplate these considerations, read the steering committee’s current recommendations, and fill out the linked survey. Best representation requires engagement. Allow us the privilege of providing the best representation possible. 

PLEASE Complete this survey on the future of Paramedic regulation in BC to have your voice heard and brought forward in this consultation:

With respect to the composition of the executive, we will be putting forward a call for nominations to fill each of the executive roles as part of a voluntary, open and transparent professional representation organization. In keeping with the current public health situation, voting will be online so as to maintain appropriate physical distancing throughout the process. Nominations for available positions will also be completed through an online process.

As for continuing education initiatives, keep an eye out for new interactive continuing education sessions this fall.

We’ll keep building bridges and partnerships and advocating for educational reform, regulatory reform, and quality Paramedic practice, but we need your support and participation. 

Education builds the dream.

Edward Peters

BCPA President

Critical Care Paramedic