Registrar & Secretary

The Registrar position is not part of the composition of the Executive Committee. However, as the governing body of the Association, the Executive Committee shall either appoint a person to the position of Registrar, or add the duties of Registrar to the duties of any Officer, or of any official employed by the Association. The Registrar has overall responsibility for document and information management for Professional Designations. Title usage and certification marks within the Certification or Licensing Programs and maintains records of persons who have applied for and/or achieved Designations, Title usage and/or Levels of certification(s) under the Bylaws, Certification Program and the Provincial or National Certification programs.

The Registrar maintains and coordinates clerical and educational records for all individuals who have applied for and/or achieved licensure or certification within the Licensing and Certification Program, including the application for certification and supporting materials, continuing professional development records [CPD], personnel reports and records of disciplinary proceedings, appeals and complaints. These administrative responsibilities may be delegated to a BCPA staff person. The Registrar maintains the records by checking for completion and accuracy and ensures all information is entered into the BCPA information management electronic database records. These responsibilities may be delegated to a staff person. The Registrar shall undertake to abide by the Code of Ethics, Professional Conduct and Rules of Professional Conduct by signing the Notice of Compliance each year.

The secretary of a BCPA plays a critical role in fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilisation of important organisational records. The secretary will provide internal communication for meetings, appointments and distribution of official internal communications.  The secretary will be responsible for scheduling, notice, material and minutes of board and committee meetings. In addition to the professional records the secretary will be responsible for all corporate documents and records safekeeping and appropriate release.