Director, Conferences & International Liaison

The Director of Conferences and International Liaison is a skilled project manager that understands the profession of paramedicine and is passionate about bringing the world wide paramedic community together.  Driven by the sharing of knowledge and experience amongst professionals, the Director will build positive relationships with other provincial, national and international associations and regulatory bodies in paramedicine and allied health professions to set an agenda for BCPA members attendance abroad and locally for broad educational opportunities that can enhance the profession and practice of paramedics.

The Director through an understanding of marketing and in partnership with the Director of Communications will promote and plan the BCPA research symposium and Paramedic Gathering (Conference) to be hosted in British Columbia.  This will be a premiere paramedic research and education conference meant to provide the paramedics of BC educational opportunities and a presentation for original paramedic led research projects, while bringing participants from abroad to share knowledge, research and build the international community of paramedic practitioners.