BCPA Board of Directors


The basic principles of governance for the BCPA are those of a democratic process with basic rules of order for management of an organisation to meet the requirements of Societies and Corporations BC.

The Core principles of the association include equity, inclusiveness, accountability, radical transparency, ethical practice, environmental stewardship, and most importantly patient advocacy and human rights.

Our key pillars of the organisation are: Professional Leadership, Higher Education, Clinical Excellence, and Paramedic Research.

In being elected and accepting a position with the British Columbia Paramedic Association each director, committee member and advisor agrees to uphold both the core principles and the key pillars of the society, to the benefit of the patients we serve, and the advancement of paramedicine as a profession in British Columbia and Canada.

The board of directors is the governing body of the association, responsible for the ultimate direction of the management of the affairs of the organization. The board is responsible for policy making. The board can act legally only by consensus (majority vote of a quorum in most cases) and only at a duly constituted and conducted meeting, or by unanimous written consent. The board may delegate authority to act on its behalf to others, such as committees or an executive director, but in such cases the board is still legally responsible for any actions taken by the committees or persons to whom it delegates authority. An individual board member has no individual management authority simply by virtue of being a member of the board. However, the board may delegate additional authority to a board member, such as when it appoints board members to committees. In a similar fashion, an officer has only the management authority specifically delegated in the bylaws or by the board, although the delegated authority can be general and broad.

All board positions in the BCPA are expected to take an active role in day to day operations within their portfolio and as a member of the overall team setting strategic direction and policy.

Interim Board Positions:

  • President – Edward Peters, CCP
  • Vice President & Director, Communications – Brinton DeLuca, PCP
  • Registrar & Secretary – Occupied Interim
  • Executive Director – Scott Ramey, CCP
  • Director,  Policy & Governance – Vacant
  • Director, Education – Erin O’Gorman, ACP
  • Director, Research – Vacant
  • Director, Conference & International Liaison – Vacant
  • Director, Clinical Practice – Vacant
  • Director at Large & Treasurer – Vacant

Interim Practice Representative Positions:

  • EMR Practice Representative – Vacant
  • PCP Practice Representative – Vacant
  • ACP Practice Representative – Jenette Ziegler, ACP
  • CCP Practice Representative – Vacant
  • Community Paramedic Practice Representative – Vacant
  • Special Programs Practice Representative – Vacant
  • SAR, Industry & Military Practice Representative – Vacant

Non-Voting Board Positions:

  • BCEHS Leadership Liaison & Advisor to the Board – Vacant
  • Universities & Colleges Academic Liaison & Advisor to the Board – Vacant
  • Corporate Membership Liaison & Advisor to the Board – Vacant
  • Clinical Practice, Licensing, Medical Education Advisor to the Board – Dr. Philip Yoon

Continuing Professional Development Content Contributors

Also seeking paramedics of all levels that wish to contribute to the Continuing Professional Development programmes including eLearning and course delivery.