The British Columbia Paramedic Association is a voluntary professional organization of paramedicine practitioners within British Columbia, Canada. BCPA’s mission is to advance the profession and it’s scholarly, academic and clinical practice within British Columbia and Canada.


The association will promote and support original paramedic led academic research and learning opportunities that contribute to a unique body of evidence supporting the practice and evolution of paramedicine in BC and across Canada.


Academic Development

The British Columbia Paramedic Association values the academic advancement of the paramedic profession in BC and Canada.  The association will strive to partner with higher education institutions to develop the future standards for entry to practice as a paramedic as well as post-graduate programs to support paramedic clinical practice, leadership, educators and specialists.

Continuous Professional Development

The British Columbia Paramedic Association believes in the contribution of continuous professional development to its members by its members.  Licensed practicing paramedics can best participate in professional knowledge translation and education development to meet CPD needs. We strive to have members develop and disperse education opportunities to BC paramedics that meet requirements for continued licensing.

Professional Advocacy

The British Columbia Paramedic Association will support and advocate for the development of paramedicine as a self-regulated primary medical profession in British Columbia.



The British Columba Paramedic Association is not affiliated with an employer or trade union, however, has the mandate to work cooperatively with all paramedic service delivery and representative bodies to advance the profession of paramedicine in British Columbia and Canada.

The BCPA is NOT a chapter of the Paramedic Association of Canada. The Ambulance Paramedics of BC, CUPE local 873 is the BC Chapter of the PAC.

While the majority of paramedics in British Columbia are employed by BCEHS. There are many more paramedics who are licensed and employed in important and complementary roles such as military, industry, search and rescue, primary health care, and criminal justice.

We welcome all licensed paramedic practitioners in British Columbia that meet the Paramedic Association of Canada definitions for Paramedic.